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Attributes of Earth
Direction: North
Color: Green
Signs: Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus
Runes: Rad, Fehu, Sigel, Gyfu, Jera
Herbs: Bistort, Fern, Honeysuckle, Horehound, Jasmine, Mandrake, Patchouly, Sage
Tree: Cypress, Pine

Aspects of Earth

Earth is element of the everyday hero, the hunter, the chieftain, and the mother.
Earth is the element of abiding patience.
Earth is the element of abundance.
Earth teaches us how to care for ourselves.
It is a budget.
Earth is the establishment we rebelled against in our youth.
Earth is the element to which we return when we realize how important our connection to home and family can be.
It is the clement with which we define our home, our family, our planet, our Selves.
Earth gets things done.

Earth is the element of self-recognition.
It calls us to task and sometimes to the carpet.
Earth encourages us to achieve.
It shows us the sacred duties inherent in being human in its fullest potential.

Earth is the element of sacred choice that comes with the acceptance of personal, spiritual destiny.
It is the full understanding of the forms we have chosen for our lives and for the life of our planet.
Earth is the element with which we assume authority and responsibility in our own lives, and in so doing, become the creators of our own destiny.

Earth is the element by which we regain our connection to natural spiritual wisdom.
It is the revealed truth that comes to us unmasked, as we face our lives directly, head on, for what they truly are.
Earth teaches us the ancient rites of power, the secret ceremonies that connect us to the real inner workings of what we call magick.
Earth is the element of celebration, ceremony, and ritual traditions.

It is the energy of those special moments when we know that what we're working for is truly worthwhile.
Earth is humble gratitude.
It is the grace of accepting the experiences of our lives as part of a greater pattern.

Earth teaches us to relax and enjoy our lives.
It shows us how to make that which is routine become ceremonial rituals of honor. .
Earth is the element of magnetic force.
Earth is the inner compass.
It always remembers the way home.
Earth is the element of endurance.
It sustains us so long as we do not strain its material limitations.
It is the ancient keystone of power.

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