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there are many myths and legends that surrond dolphins. Early Christians used dolphin to symbolize Christ. Dolphin has also been used to symbolize Poseidon, Aphrodite,and Apollo. The sensory capabilities of dolphin is far beyond that of mortal man. Those with Dolphin Medicine may find that they are sensitive to many of the more subtle energies. The dolphin breathes air, yet lives in the water. Dolphin Medicine people need to remember to breathe and release in te face of overwhelming negativity. these people are often natrual healers. It is said that if an autistic person swims with the dolphin, they may be cured. This is related to attuning to the breath of Dolphin, and thus the heartbeat of the ocean. If Dolphin is speaking to you today, use your gift of healing, communication, breath, innocence, beauty, and grace; but, remember you must first heal yourself.

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