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When most people think of Buffalo Medicine, the think of abundance and prosperity. While this is true,(The great physical strength of the creature, and the consequent difficulty of hunting it, combined with the bountiful yield of it's carcass contributes to this.), Buffalo Medicine is so much more. Buffalo move in herds. Everything that affects one is mirrored in the herd. If one is frightened, and begins to panic, the result is a stampede of panicked Buffalo. The herd is led not by the bull, but by the old, wisened cow. Buffalo Medicine teaches us that we are all commected. What we do affects each other. We are part of a larger picture. We are not I or me-but we. From the femine side of the universal conciousness, we find extraordinary gifts and abilities. We find prophesy, survival, dream interpretation, prayer, healing, and Love. These are ours to lead us and guide us not just as one, but as a whole. If Buffalo Medicine is yours, look to the whole. How do you affect all of creation? How can you do more? Lead in love with the gifts of inner prompting and know that Buffalo medicine Power comes through the giving.

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