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The Arietian
March 21-April 19

Upon earth there is not his like, who is made without fear.

-----Job 41:33

He beholdeth all high things; he is a king over all the children of pride.

-----Job 41:34

Here is the child of spring, the most brave and righteous of all signs. The sign of the Chieftain. His inner longings fill the cerebral hemisphere, from which all reaction stems, with a superabundance of mental activity. He feels the power of creativity throughout his entire being, and is driven by the same life force that is given the tiniest seed of the earth--a force to defy gravity and push upward past insurmountable odds toward the giver of all life. Regardless of his stature, he is a man. When he is not given control, which is his purpose, his frustrations and inner anxieties cause him to become tyrannical. He has the God-given ability to control, and does his job well. But his greatest obstacle is self-control. Until he masters this he can master no one. His self-interest is strong, particularly when his ambitions are thwarted, but self-interest is necessary for survival and progression, and progress he will. His defiance of the odds is in the intensity of his eye and the quickness of his movements. He is as generous as he is brave, and he does not hesitate to relieve less courageous souls. When he is in subjection to others he is a poor subject, because he was meant to lead and not follow. He can become Moses, or he can become Hitler--the choice is his. When he finds his God, he comes to know he is gifted and puts none other before his one and only master.

Aries is called fiery, hot, dry, inflammatory, violent, bestial, positive, and masculine. It is known to have influence over the head, particularly the cerebral hemisphere, the cranium, and the eyes. It ruling planet is the warring planet---Mars.

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